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CafeEngine is prepared for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Name of institution and it's location will be in meta tags on all site pages
  • Every menu - related page will have custom meta tags corresponding to contents of the page.
  • Custom pages will have custom meta also.

Prepare your site.
Fill "Cafe name", "City" and "Address" fields. It would be nice if "Address" field will contain name of area in your city or some landmark near your cafe or restaurant. Make sure that all pages can be accessible (links that leads to each page exists on each page of your site, use "Navigation" in admin zone) and each page is accessible from main page of the site. Also all words people can type in search engines to find your cafe or some point near it would contain at the text you prepared for information pages of you site. Also these words would be separated by comma in "Keywords" field in Settings part of admin zone. Keywords HTML meta-tag will be built as a sum of "Cafe name", "City", "Address" and "Keywords" fields in "Settings" section of admin zone. For one of menu pages all names of meal menu sections and all names of meals in shown menu section will also be added to keywords HTML meta-tag. Also you can add page specific keywords to special field in the page edit form.

Intnernet promotion.
You need to build links to your (already built) site. For example, you may post links to your site to forum messages or make special site page for link exchanging. If there are some internet catalogs or yellow pages with sites of your city register your site there. More links to your site will increase count of visitors to your site and will increase quantity of orders in your cafe/restaurant. If your cafe or restaurant located in tourist zone it would be nice if site of tourist operators who brings tourists will have a link to your site.
Register you site with all search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Dmoz and your local search engines or internet catalogs) you know. If count of visitors at your is not increased please consult with your local SEO specialists.

Offline promotion.
Place a link to your site in every email you send out, even to friends and family. Consider adding your website to all correspondence - even purchase orders and compliment slips!

All these actions will worth in the long run!

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