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Developer manual: Customizing site navigation

CafeEngine v2.3 has 3 site menues (see admin area->Site Navigation). If you need more please follow the instruction:

  1. Find following lines in /include/options.php:
    and add something like
    Where X is a number larger than 3 and <internal_menu_name> should be a set of alphanumeric characters. Please be careful because X in fact is a ID of menu in DB.
  2. Find following lines in /admin/language/wording.php
    $language['menuname_main']='Main Menu';
    $language['menuname_left']='Left Menu';
    $language['menuname_bottom']='Bottom Menu';
    add line like
    $language['menuname_<internal_menu_name>']='<Name of menu in admin area>';
  3. Now new menu would appear in admin area and you can build it there.
  4. To show it to site visitors you need to change template some template located in /templates/<theme>/tpl. At the place where new menu would appear add following code:
    {foreach from=$site_menues.<internal_menu_name> item=mi}
        {if !empty($mi.link)}
            <a href="{$mi.link}">{$mi.title}</a>
    It will show menu items you built in admin area only.
  5. Customize new menu look.

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