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Developer manual: Adding payment gateway

CafeEngine can be easily integrate with most of payment gateways. To add new Payment Gateway to CafeEngine you would create one PHP class only. Each payment gateway class would be located at /classes/gateways/. This class would have one property only:

var $name='<Gateway name>';
It just a name that will appear in admin area. Constructor of this class usually does nothing. Payment gateway class would have following methods:

Method Description
button() Return Smarty code that show button that will appear on checkout page. id of button would be the same as class name.
form() Return Smarty code of form that appear on the billing page. You may make form with hidden elements only that will be automatically submitted to Payment gateway URL. We're highly recommend to keep no credit card data on the same server where CafeEngine is hosted by security reasons.
action() Called to handle data submitted to from returned by form() method. Here you may call Payment gateway API to process the payment.
settings_form() Return a part of form(Smarty code) that appear in admin area on Settings->Payment Gateways page. This form would have all settings for this Payment Gateway. Payment Gateway settings supposed to store in include/options.php with other CafeEngine settings. All fields of this form looking like o[<name of parameter>] will be stored in CafeEngine settings automatically and will be accessible in $options variable. You may use this method to check that gateway installed and make some install actions if no.
settings_manage() Method called to manage data submitted to form returned by settings_form(). This metod called before $options will be saved. You need to write code here in additional settings processing required.
details($orderID) Return payment-related data as a Smarty code. Called to show payment data for given order. Called from admin area only.

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