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Developer manual: Customizing admin area

Hiding admin area sections

Easiest way to customize admin area is hiding items from admin menu. To do so you need to change admin/templates/template.tpl. Code displaying admin menu located from 51 to 64 lines. Commenting any of these lines will cause hiding corresponding menu item.

Hiding settings

To hide settings you need to change admin/templates/optionsX.tpl where X is a number 1-8. All you need - just comment or remove lines like
    <td><input type=text name=o[db_name] value="{$options.db_name|escape}"></td>
You may disable possibility to change all settings on page by simply removing
 <form action=index.php method=POST>
    <input type=hidden name=action value=update_options>
    <td colspan=2><input type=submit value="{$language.submit}"></td>
lines. In this case page will show settings without possibility to change anything.

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