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Administrator manual

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Admin side of CafeEngine allows you to manage a lot of stuff on the site. There are some interface rules that accomplished anywhere. There is a lot of content that can be presented as a list (e.g. list of meals or list of pages). Lists everywhere shown as a table where left columns show some items data and right column provide some links to make actions on corresponding item. If item of list is a container (menu, menu section or section of photo gallery) it's name in the list will be a link that point to list of content of this container. "Add" link usually located at the header of right column of list. All exceptions are described below. Other point is working with images. In any form of editing of item that can have an image you'll see 3 things: already uploaded image (if it has been uploaded yet), "Remove image" checkbox (check it if you want to remove image) and "Upload image" file field. Use "Upload image" to replace image. All images are not mandatory.

Icons used in admin area:
Edit - Edit
Remove - Remove
Show - Item is showing. Click to hide
Hide - Item is not showing. Click to show
Drag and Drop - Use this icon to drag and drop items

Admin area has following sections:

Menu management
Order management
Custom site pages
Site navigation
Photo gallery
News, Events, Guest book and Contacts management
Wording/Language tools

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