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Administrator manual: Photo gallery

This area of site back-end allow you to manage photo gallery.

Photo gallery sections

This list will appear after click on "PHOTO GALLERY" in admin area menu and allow you to:
  • Add new photo gallery section
  • Change photo gallery section
  • Change order of photo gallery sections
  • Remove photo gallery section
Add / edit photo gallery section form has Title and Description fields. By clicking title of photo gallery section in the list you'll get the list of photos in this section.

List of photos in section

This page allow you to:

  • Add new photo section
  • Change photo section
  • Change order of photos in section
  • Remove photo
Photo add / edit form has following fields:
  • Title - photo name
  • Description - photo descrition
  • Section - allow to move photo to another section
  • Photo - Upload/change/remove photo image

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