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Administrator manual: Custom site pages

By clicking "SITE PAGES" link in the main menu of admin area you'll get page show the list of custom pages of the site. This list allow you to:

  • Add new custom page
  • Change custom page
  • Show/Hide page (if page is hidden CafeEngine navigation will hide all navigation items that points to such page)
  • Remove page (excluding pages with ID=1 and 2: these pages supposed to be "Home" and "Thank you" pages of the site)
Custom page add / edit form has following fields:
  • Title - will be shown in the browser window header
  • Header - header of the page.
  • Content - page content. Up to 4GB length. Rich text editor allow to use images and other stuff easily
  • Keywords - text that will be added to keywords META tag
You may preview page before submitting these forms.

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