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Administrator manual: Order management

List of orders

"ORDERS" link in the main menu of admin area points to the page which show the list of online orders submitted by site visitors. Last (not served) order shown first. List of orders can be filtered by status ("Served" field in filter), Person, Email, Phone and Month. By clicking on Person or Phone fields you will see order details.
If "Person", "Email", "Phone" or IP address of order already added to Blacklist link to Blacklist records shows below. Click person or phone link to get order details page.
At the top of order details page you can change status of order and write some comment on it. There are 3 possible statuses: "Not Served", "Served" and "Bad". "Not served" is initial status. It is assigned when order is submitted. "Served" - mean that order was not bad joke and customer came to restaurant/cafe (or order was delivered) and paid. "Bad" - mean that it was a bad order. If status was set to bad you can add person to black list. Payment data also will be shown on this page depends on payment gateway chosen by customer.

Black list

This stuff allows to keep information about sources of bad online orders. Each entry of Blacklist has 4 fields: Person, Phone, Email - filled by person who submit order and IP - filled automatically. Each entry may have a comment. You can add, change and delete any data. If new order has one or more field matched to Blacklist entries - count of these entries shown as a link under order line in Orders section.

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