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CafeEngine - professional CMS cafe / restaurant script FAQ
Easy solution for cafe or restaurant site
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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm web designer, will you help me to customize CafeEngine?
Yes. Our support provide detailed instructions "script-line-what-how" to change usually. If needed change too big to be described by this way it will be developed for you for additional reasonable fee.

May I remove copyright notices from the bottom of pages?
Yes. You may change anything what visitor and administrator of site will see. There is only one limitation: do not remove or change comments from headers of PHP files. You may add something there if you need.

Do you provide developer license?
For now we do not provide developer license. But we're interested to cooperate with developers around the world and provide serious discounts for our partners. Please contact us for further details.

How to put currency symbol after price?
Go to "Settings" -> "Institution" in admin area and set "Show currency before price" option to "No". It will change location of currency symbol everywhere on the site.

When real multilanguage support will be available?
We're going to make CafeEngine completely multilingual in version 2.4.

How to integrate CafeEngine with my payment processing?
Please see corresponding section of our Developer manual.

Can I use CafeEngine with other scripts?
Yes. There are absolutely no limitations. CafeEngine has an option (you can change it during installation) that allow to share database with ANY other scripts. You may install CafeEngine two (and more) times into the same database.

When CafeEngine will allow to send online orders to different offices?
Support of this feature we're going to implement in version 2.4. But you may use following solution for now: install CafeEngine once for each office(license agreement allow it) and build navigation (using "Site Navigation" section of admin zone) between them.

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